Any citizen who wishes to open new shop or a commercial establishment wants to commence its business within the jurisdiction of Government of Delhi, has to register itself under The Shops and Commercial Establishment Act.As a business owner of a shop or establishment, you are compulsorily required to get the same registered under the Shops and Establishment Act 1954.
As a business owner are compulsorily required to get the registered under the Shops and Establishment Act. Any commercial establishment- any office, cafe, restaurant, or any other commercial establishment would be covered under the legislation and hence is required to apply for the registration of the such establishment, usually within 30 days of commencing work in such establishment.
Shops are basically premises where goods are sold either by retail or wholesale or where services are rendered.

• it must be "premises" and
• it must have some trade, business or profession being carried on or
• any work in connection with or incidental or ancillary thereto is carried on.
• Every business require a current account for transactions, with shop act you can open an business current account.
• Your business is registered under state government of Delhi.
• Your business gets legal recognition, can be used.
• Gets Certificate in just 1 day process.
• The name of the Employer or the manager if any.
• The Postal address of the Establishment
• The name, if any, of the Establishment.
• The category of the Establishment, i.e. whether it is shop, commercial establishment, residential hotels, restaurants, eating house, theatre or other place of amusement or entertainment.
As per the Act, the business owner can registered his business at first day of Commencement of business or within 30 days of commencement of a business. In case the business owner fails to get registered within 30 days of commencement of business he is liable for penalty.
Broadly speaking the premises governed by the Act are shops, commercial establishments, residential hotels, clubs, restaurants, eating houses, theatres and other places of public amusement or entertainment.
Once all the details received for Registration, Certificate will get 24 hours.